I learned how to crochet from my mom when I was little - I was terrible. I'm pretty sure, in a corner of my parents house, there is a small, blue, zippered bag, filled with a baby pink blanket with terribly uneven edges and a handful of skipped stitches, just waiting to be finished one day.

Even though my first crochet project was *ahem* in need of improvement, I still remember the sense of pride and accomplishment I got from creating something from just a ball of yarn and a hook. 

Many years later I decided to start crocheting again. I was a newlywed, we were very poor college students, living in a tiny one bedroom apartment and I was suffering from anxiety (and later depression). One day I felt the need to start again, so I went to our local store and got some supplies. I can't remember exactly what I made first (maybe a purse or a hat?) but it made me feel a little bit better and I liked that, so I kept doing it.

Sometime after that and when I had finally accepted that I struggle with anxiety, I realized how much crocheting had been helping over the years. It had been helping me manage that anxiety, especially when my thoughts would start to spiral and get away from me. I could always sit down, begin to crochet, and 30 minutes later my mental head space would much calmer. Crochet is a lot more to me than just the end product, it brings me better understanding of myself mentally and because of that I don't think I'll ever quit the craft.

Along the way I honed my skill and got pretty decent (if I can toot my own horn) but my favorite part is still the sense of accomplishment I get from creating something out of a ball of yarn and hook.

xo Saranne

And to answer your question about my name, it's pronounced Sara-Anne. Its not missing an extra A, my parents liked both of those names and combined them together and here I am as Saranne.