Meet Jules

Jules - simple and easy beginner crochet pattern

This pattern was created to help the beginner crocheter improve their crochet skills. With only one stitch repeat and many, many rows, you'll be a double crochet pro by the end! 

With simple to follow instructions and quality photos, you will be able finish this scarf in a matter of hours. The design is minimalist and will only add to any outfit you have planned for the fall and winter months!

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The thing about crochet is you can make anything you want out of a hook and yarn and I want beginner crocheters to know that even the simplest design can be fun and beautiful. 

I love this scarf because it takes you back to the basics. Sometimes as creatives we can get caught up in the grandeur of creativity, while it is great and incredibly fulfilling to create a piece that leaves people in awe, it is the basics that will always be at the foundation of those grand pieces. 

Enjoy having the Jules scarf pattern help you become a master at the basic double crochet stitch. 

And enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you created the scarf every time you wrap it around your neck before heading out into winter weather!